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Campus Traditions

You can be sure there are always new and exciting things happening at Richmond. But there are also time-honored traditions that continue to shape who we are. From the Honor System to Ring Dance, from the serious to the fun, traditions at Richmond create a sense of belonging that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Proclamation Night

The Westhampton College Government Association, along with the first-year class and senior class, organizes this candlelight ceremony that officially recognizes first-year women as members of Westhampton College. This ceremony highlights the importance of the Honor Code, and each first-year woman signs the pledge. They also write a letter to themselves regarding their thoughts about how they will grow, develop and change during the coming years. They will then read that letter during Proclamation Night of their senior year. Proclamation Night will help shape the woman they’ll become.

Investiture Ceremony

Organized by the Richmond College Student Government as a formal incorporation of first-year men into Richmond College, this event features a class photo, procession across campus, reflective speeches by selected upperclassmen and the signing of the Honor Code by first-year men. Many young men at Richmond say that it's at Investiture that they really feel a part of the Richmond family.

Ring Dance

Hosted by Westhampton College, Ring Dance is a celebration of the academic achievements of our junior women. Years ago, rings were associated with the dance—thus the name. Held at a hotel in downtown Richmond, this formal social event is organized by the junior class and junior class cabinet. Your parents, family and friends are encouraged to attend.

Graduation Weekend

Graduation weekend is full of fun tradition. Saturday night includes a candlelight ceremony around Westhampton Lake in which the entire graduating class circles the lake. In addition to a speaker, there is a fireworks display. On Sunday the graduates-to-be gather on the Chapel Lawn to walk together to the Robins Center for Commencement Ceremonies, giving them a chance to cross campus together one last time as students.

Midnight Mayhem

Midnight Mayhem takes place during the first night of basketball practice allowed by the NCAA. Both the men's and women's teams suit up for the first time to a crowd filled with Richmond Rowdies—our student spirit organization.

Celebration Night

Celebration Night is a Westhampton College tradition during which seniors who have made a distinguished contribution to the University are recognized as Westhampton Senior Distinguished Leaders. Westhampton College Alumnae Association Scholarships are also awarded on this special occasion.

Richmond College Formal

The Richmond College Formal is an annual event every fall open to all students at the University and held in downtown Richmond.

Teeter for Tots

Teeter for Tots is a fundraiser hosted by Alpha Phi Omega, Richmond's service fraternity. It involves a section of the Commons being turned into a makeshift playground for nearly a week of non-stop teeter tottering. Organizations raise funds for the privilege of participating!